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Portable, Pocket Treasure Map to PC Expo '99 - This Palm OS(TM)-based Trade Show Guide Is A Power Tool For The World's Most Influential Computer Show

PC Expo '99 show attendees using the Palm Computing Platform® can now work the show effectively with this professional, illustrated, interactive pocket guide that includes special show offers from exhibitors and leading software providers


SEATTLE, WA, June 14, 1999 - Palmtop Publishing, the leading provider of specialized handheld computing software for special events and trade shows, today announced the availability of their seventh interactive Palm OS pocket trade show guide - for PC Expo, held June 21-24 at the Jacob K. Javitz Convention Center in New York City. This innovative, definitive guide directs PC Expo showgoers with an illustrated, fully searchable, and lightening-speed accessible pocket reference featuring over 450 exhibitors and booth locations, keynotes, and daily track session detail for enterprise, internet/intranet, technology management, networking, PC and server technology. This interactive pocket guide, powered by OnTap Technology(TM) from Aegean Associates, Inc., even provides key tutorial information, including session moderators, and panelists.

" Be in the know, at the show, wherever you go!", exclaims Trina Clickner, Founder and President of Palmtop Publishing, creator of the PC Expo Interactive Pocket Show Guide. "Because this illustrated guide incorporates such an intuitive user interface and because it is also fully searchable, it's incredibly fast and easy to zero right in on the precise booth location and session you're looking for - within just a few taps. Key software providers are also using this powerful guide as an innovative opportunity to make some special show offers and are even including a specific call to action for folks once they get to the show. You'll find offers from companies developing products for 3Com Corporation's (NASDAQ: COMS) Palm OS such as Chapura, CIC, Corex Technologies, Concept Kitchen, DataViz, JP Systems, Macmillan Computer Publishing (NYSE: VIA), Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL), PalmPilotGear HQ, Puma Technology (NASDAQ: PUMA), Strata Systems and many others", Clickner adds. "What's more, we've included a new interactive PalmPilot Gear(TM) H.Q. mini-catalog of add-on software and accessories, as well as some fun, free interactive pocket dice." The dice are offered as an executive decision-making tool compliments of one of the show guide sponsors. " And yes", Clickner jests, " you can always upgrade to the fuzzy dice edition after the show."

The PC Expo '99 Interactive Pocket Show Guide is available free for downloading from the Palmtop Publishing web site at www.palmtoppublishing.com, from the www.palmpilotgear.com web site, and from other key Palm OS-related sites.

About OnTap Technology
OnTap Technology for the Palm OS was introduced in 1996 on the original Pilot 1000 and 5000 organizers. In 1998, OnTap was awarded "Can't Live Without Application for Resellers" at PC Expo 1998 by Computer Reseller News. It has been recognized by 3Com Corporation as an enterprise solution since 1997.

OnTap employs a platform independent, client/server architecture, making it a powerful, small (17K), embedded component and publishing tool using any computer - Apple Macintosh(NASDAQ: APPL), Microsoft® Windows® (NASDAQ: MSFT), unix, or mainframe computers. OnTap runs on all versions of the Palm OS including the IBM® (NYSE:IBM) WorkPad® PC Companion, Franklin Planner Edition by Franklin Covey Company (NYSE: FC), and Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:SBL) handhelds.

OnTap Technology is incorporated in the following products: Macmillan Palm VII Plus Pack, IDG PalmPilot Resource Kit, Macmillan Business Plus Pack, E*TRADE TeleMaster Guide, Affinity Publishing Software & Resource Guide, Aviator's Pocket Reference, and Super Bowl and NFL Referee Signals Handbook. For more information, visit www.ontaptech.com or send e-mail to info@ontaptech.com.

About Palmtop Publishing
Palmtop Publishing is a small, privately held consulting and software publishing firm specializing in solutions for handheld computing and embedded systems. Based in Seattle, WA and established in 1997, Palmtop Publishing bring 20+ years of business and technology experience to crafting, engineering, publishing, and implementing information solutions to handheld computing. With unsurpassed expertise, focus, connections, and a unique, user-focused development approach, Palmtop Publishing solutions are flexible, far-reaching, innovative, affordable, and easy to use. Palmtop Publishing can be reached by tel: (206) 923-0901, fax: (206) 923-0902, e-mail: sales@palmtoppublishing.com, and via the Palmtop Publishing web site at www.palmtoppublishing.com.

About Aegean Associates, Inc.
Aegean Associates, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is a custom software provider with a broad base of successful projects that are deployed internationally. Solutions include factory automation, instrumentation, and data collection and gathering for embedded hardware and software systems. Aegean Associates can be reached by sending e-mail to sales@ontaptech.com or by calling (412) 361-6980.


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