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Announcing New Private Pilot Pocket Review Version 1.01 and GLEIM Private Pilot FAA Written Exam Book Bundle for Palm OS(TM)

The Private Pilot Pocket Review new version 1.01 now comes bundled with the renowned GLEIM Written Exam Book and incorporates a new knowledge-building review feature that makes more efficient use of study time and helps private pilots stay sharp and safe


SEATTLE, WA, June 1, 1999 - It's never been this easy to study for the Private Pilot Written Exam - wherever you are. For about what you'd pay for a single flight hour, this innovative Palm OS learning program will improve your knowledge as a pilot and help budding pilots score higher on their FAA written test. Find a few moments and you can easily and quickly use your Palm OS(TM) handheld to study up on Aviation Principles, Aircraft Systems, Instruments, Performance, Regulations, Air Traffic, Weather, Navigation, and Medical Factors.

What's New

Special Introductory Bonus Offer

The special introductory $89.90 bonus offer ends June 25th - the end of NY's PC Expo. Order prior to June 25 and get $10 off when your purchase both the Private Pilot Pocket Review 1.01 (retail $49.95) and the Aviator's Pocket Reference (retail $49.95). Two powerful pocket programs that improve your knowledge as a pilot and the Gleim Private Pilot FAA Written Exam Book, 8th edition (retail $13.95) - a $113 value for less than $90!

PC Expo attendees may stop by the PilotGear HQ booth, tell the PilotGear crew that they have Information X-RAY and get a demo disk that includes a demo version of the Private Pilot Pocket Review 1.01 software and the demo Aviator's Pocket Reference.

Installing the Update

Current Private Pilot Pocket Review version 1.0 customers may download and install the 1.01 update free of charge from http://www.pilotgear.com or from http://www.malone.com/knowledgetest/PrivatePilot/download.htm.
  1. Before installing the update, remove Private Pilot Pocket Review version 1.0. If you have a Pilot or PalmPilot, tap: Applications : Memory : Delete Apps : PrivatePilot. If you have a Palm III or higher, tap: Applications : Menu : Delete: PrivatePilot.
  2. You will need to re-enter your registration key after installing version 1.01.
  3. Note: test scores will be reset after the update.
  4. Feedback from student pilots, private pilots, and flight instructors is always welcome! Send comments to comments@palmtoppublishing.com or directly to the author at: knowledgetest@malone.com.

About the Aviator's Pocket Reference

The Aviator's Pocket Reference, created with OnTap(TM) Technology from Aegean Associates, Inc., is a handy, portable, pocket reference that includes a glossary of aviation terms, standard atmosphere calculations, surface analysis chart reference information, temperature, airspeed, and barometric pressure conversions and weather symbols and abbreviations. The commercial edition even allows you to create your own custom guides, checklists, and procedures using the OnTap Technology web-based server at www.ontaptech.com.

About the Private Pilot Pocket Review

Version 1.0 of the Private Pilot Pocket Review was introduced in December 1998 and provides student and private pilots with an interactive quiz comprised of over 650 questions and dozens of illustrations direct from the FAA database for the Private Pilot written exam. Using a highly efficient compression algorithm, these questions are squeezed into an easy to use 180K quiz that runs on PalmPilot Personal and Professional Editions, Palm III and Palm V organizers, and the IBM® WorkPad®.

About Palmtop Publishing
Palmtop Publishing, founded in 1997, provides pocket publishing, customization, and consulting services for handheld computing solutions. Palmtop Publishing works with corporations, publishers, developers, and systems integrators to create new information-based products or to incorporate handhelds as part of a broader, established communications and computing solution. Palmtop Publishing can be reached at (206) 923-0901; fax at (206) 923-0902; e-mail to info@palmtoppublishing.com; or through the Palmtop Publishing web site at www.palmtoppublishing.com.


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