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Portable, Pocket CeBIT '99 Trade Show Guide Is A Powerful, In-Hand Treasure Map to The World's Largest Computer Show

This week's CeBIT show attendees using the Palm Computing Platform will find their way with this professional, German-English, illustrated, interactive pocket show guide.


PITTSBURGH, PA, March 15, 1999 - Aegean Associates, Inc., a custom software provider specializing in embedded systems, today announced the availability of the third annual German-English CeBIT Interactive Show Guide, directing CeBIT showgoers with a trade show floor map, a fully searchable reference featuring over 6000 exhibitors, industry-specific hall locations, and daily conference agendas. This innovative, interactive pocket guide is powered by OnTap Technology and is sponsored by PalmPilot Gear H.Q., http://www.palmpilotgear.com, the leading source for software and accessories for handheld computers based upon the Palm OS from 3Com Corporation (NASDAQ: COMS).

"Be Mobile!", exclaims Kenny West of PalmPilot Gear H.Q., sponsor of the CeBIT '99 Interactive Show Guide. "Because the guide is fully searchable, it's incredibly fast and easy to zero in on the precise hall and booth locations you're looking for." "We're also using this opportunity to highlight a handful of key products from the brand new PalmPilot Gear H.Q. web site", West adds. "You'll find them in the interactive PGHQ product catalog that is bundled with the CeBIT Guide". PalmPilot Gear H.Q. completes the Palm Computing Platform solution by offering a wealth of third-party software and hardware add-ons and accessories.

The CeBIT '99 Interactive Show Guide is available free for downloading from the PalmPilot Gear H.Q. web site at http://www.palmpilotgear.com, and direct from the OnTap Technology web site at http://www.ontaptech.com.

OnTap is a proven and powerful pocket publishing tool that is available on a per copy basis for only $39.95 through PalmPilot Gear H.Q. at http://www.palmpilotgear.com. For more information, visit http://www.ontaptech.com or send e-mail to support@ontaptech.com. Corporate site licensing and reseller information is available by contacting Palmtop Publishing, http://www.palmtoppublishing.com at (206)923-0901.

About OnTap Technology

OnTap Technology for the Palm OS was introduced in 1996 on the original Pilot 1000 and 5000 organizers. In 1998, OnTap was awarded "Can't Live Without Application for Resellers" at PC Expo by Computer Reseller News.

OnTap employs a platform independent, client/server architecture, making it a powerful, small (17K), embedded component and publishing tool using any computer - Apple Macintosh (NASDAQ: APPL), Microsoft(R) Windows(R) (NASDAQ:MSFT), unix, or mainframe computers. OnTap runs on all versions of the Palm OS including the IBM(R) (NYSE:IBM) WorkPad(R) PC Companion, Franklin Planner Edition by Franklin Covey Company (NYSE:FC), and Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:SBL) SPT1500 handhelds.

OnTap Technology is incorporated into the following products: IDG PalmPilot Resource Kit, Macmillan Business Plus Pack, E*TRADE TeleMaster Guide, Affinity Software & Resource Guide, New World Technologies BraVePALM Catalog, Private Pilot Pocket Review Companion Reference, Aviator's Pocket Reference, Girls and Women in Sports Guide, OnTap Publishing Kit, OnTap Stock Symbol and Quick Reference Collections, OnTap Super Bowl and NFL Referee Signals Handbook. For more information, visit http://www.ontaptech.com or send e-mail to info@ontaptech.com.
About Aegean Associates, Inc.

Aegean Associates, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is a custom software provider with a broad base of successful projects that are deployed internationally. Solutions include factory automation, instrumentation, and data collection and gathering for embedded hardware and software systems. Aegean Associates can be reached by sending e-mail to sales@ontaptech.com or by calling (412) 361-6980.

About PalmPilot Gear H.Q.

PalmPilot Gear H.Q. is the #1 source for hardware, commercial software, shareware, games, gadgets and accessories for Palm Computing Platform handheld computers. Serving developers and the Palm user community since 1996, PalmPilot Gear H.Q. can be reached toll-free: (800) 741-9070, tel: (817) 461-3480, fax: (817) 461-3482, e-mail: sales@palmpilotgear.com,and via the PalmPilot Gear H.Q. web site at http://www.palmpilotgear.com.


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