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Palmtop Publishing Announces OnTap(TM) Super Bowl and NFL Referee Signals Handbook for the Palm Computing(TM) Platform

Arm yourself with a secret weapon for Sunday's Big Game - download this interactive, pocket handbook that answers questions about referee signals, the rules of the game, and the players in Super Bowl XXXIII


SEATTLE, WA, January 26, 1999 - Palmtop Publishing, a leader in publishing pocket guides and interactive reference materials for handheld computing, today announces a fun, educational and interactive, game day, pocket football companion for the Palm Computing platform.

The OnTap(TM) Super Bowl and NFL Referee Signals Handbook provides sports fans and armchair quarterbacks with an impressive reference collection of player data, interactive sports trivia, indexed and searchable game rules, cheers, and an illustrated referee signals flip book to prepare for or to use during the game. There is a both a charityware and a commercial edition of the Handbook available - both run on the Pilot, PalmPilot(TM) Personal/Professional Editions, Palm III(TM) organizers, and the IBM(TM) WorkPad(TM).

"There are two editions of the Handbook", said Trina Clickner, football fan and author of the program. The charityware edition (www.palmtoppublishing.com) contains samples and is a subset of the commercial edition. "I want to encourage sports fans who download the Handbook to donate to Special Olympics", says Clickner. "It has been a very rewarding project - it has allowed me to put my powerful pocket publishing prowess to work raising money for a very good cause." A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the commercial version (www.palmparadise.com/superbowl) goes to Special Olympics as well. The commercial version of the Handbook is available exclusively from MobilePlanet's www.palmparadise.com site.

The OnTap Super Bowl and NFL Referee Signals Handbook is a fun and educational pocket guide to football for both men and women. A key, in-hand, game day resource, it includes over 35 referee signals and their meanings, a guide to halftime fun, an interactive trivia quiz, lyrics to the National Anthem and other patriotic songs, and three interactive, searchable guides to football rules, definitions and positions. The "For Cheerleaders ONLY" section includes a classic collection of traditional football cheers. The Handbook was created using the innovative pocket publishing capabilities of OnTap(TM) Technology from Aegean Associates, Inc., www.ontaptech.com. OnTap Technology has been powering handy, portable, pocket references since 1996 for the Palm OS and was recognized by Computer Reseller News as a "can't live without" application at PC Expo '98.

About Palmtop Publishing
Palmtop Publishing, founded in 1997, provides pocket publishing, customization, and consulting services for handheld computing solutions. Palmtop Publishing works with corporations, publishers, developers, and systems integrators to create new information-based products or to incorporate handhelds as part of a broader, established communications and computing solution. Palmtop Publishing can be reached at (206) 923-0901; fax at (206) 923-0902; e-mail to info@palmtoppublishing.com; or through the Palmtop Publishing web site at www.palmtoppublishing.com.

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