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OnTaptm Launches Free WWW and E-mail Based Service for the PalmPilottm Platform

This innovative solution makes it easy to create custom, portable, interactive, PalmPilot pocket reference guides from any computing platform


PITTSBURGH, Pa., January 1, 1998 - Aegean Associates, Inc., an embedded systems and custom software provider since 1990, today announced free, public WWW and e-mail access to its Public OnTap Server, enabling anyone, anywhere, from any computer, to create custom, interactive pocket reference guides for the PalmPilot platform. OnTap technology and the PalmPilot platform form a powerful communication tool for business.

OnTap bridges the gap between corporate IS and mobile professionals in the field by making it easy to create and deploy custom, interactive documents using bold, underlining fonts, and HTML links for navigation. Customers use their existing tools - most mainframe programs, word processors, spreadsheets, and desktop programs can save documents in text or HTML format. OnTap technology is an ideal component in larger corporate information systems for translating and disseminating key information to a selected audience.

OnTap provides free access to an innovative network-based translation solution that accepts plain text or industry standard HTML formatted data and translates it into easy to use pocket reference guides that are presented on the PalmPilot platform using the OnTap Reader. OnTap works well in mixed computing environments - it allows customers to create custom content from any platform including Macintosh, Windows, Unix, and mainframe computers. Access to the server is through direct web access or through industry-standard e-mail systems such as Netscape, America Online, Internet Explorer, CCMail, and Lotus Notes.

"Corporate IS professionals like the OnTap client server approach because there is nothing new to install on the desktop. This eliminates the installation, configuration, and support burdens associated with deploying desktop applications. If security is an issue, our embedded developer libraries make it easily to snap OnTap technology into inhouse systems, or, a private OnTap server can be installed onsite," said Demitrios Vassaras, President of Aegean Associates, Inc.

OnTap benefits corporate users by providing a simple and cost-effective way to deliver and access corporate information in a format that is easy to navigate and easy to use. Custom content applications are created in hours, not days. With OnTap, the PalmPilot organizer becomes a portable pocket reference device for custom data - price lists, product catalogs, parts lists, corporate policies, reference materials, show guides, and schedules.

The OnTap Reader software for the PalmPilot platform is available for $39.95 per copy, or on a site license basis at $2995 per 100 copies. The public translation service is free of charge. Customers can purchase OnTap from the OnTap web site at http://www.ontaptech.com and questions are directed to support@ontaptech.com.

Aegean Associates, Inc. is a custom software provider with a broad base of successful projects that are deployed internationally. Solutions include factory automation, instrumentation, and data collection and gathering for embedded hardware and software systems. Aegean Associates, Inc. can be contacted at 412-361-6980, e-mail to demitrios@aegean.com, or through the OnTap web site at http://www.ontaptech.com.


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