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Demitrios Vassaras
Aegean Associates, Inc.
Tel: 412.361.6980

Aegean Associates, Inc. Launches OnTap(tm) for the US Robotics Pilot 1000 and 5000

Pilot users can now use industry standard HTML tools to carry "the rest of their information" right in the palm of their hand.


PITTSBURGH, PA, November 6, 1996 - Aegean Associates, Inc. today launched OnTap(tm) for the Pilot 1000 and 5000, allowing US Robotics Pilot users to easily carry information that doesn't fit into the standard Pilot Address Book, Calendar, Memo and Todo list capabilities.

Using an innovative client-server approach, Aegean's OnTap technology has two components. The first component is the Ontap Translation Server which translates user documents created in plain text or HTML into Pilot-ready format. The second component is the OnTap Reader which makes it easy to manage and view documents on the Pilot. OnTap takes full advantage of the Pilot's categories and global find functions making information intuitively easy to organize and easy to find.

Because this innovative approach leverages standard HTML and plain text formats, any word processor, spreadsheet, or other program that can save documents in one of these formats can supply the OnTap Translation Server with content destined for the Pilot. This allows information to retain the bold, underlining, fonts, and hypertext links that are popular when navigating the internet. It enables the Pilot present complex, interactive information just as effectively as a traditional web page.

The initial OnTap release includes sample Collections and a complete guide to COMDEX. Installation is easy - Pilot users need only use the standard Pilot's InstallApp program to install the OnTap Reader (ontap.prc) and the sample COMDEX/Pilot database (ontapdb.pdb) into the Pilot using US Robotic's traditional HotSync capability.

For more information, visit www.ontaptech.com or send e-mail to support@ontaptech.com.

About Aegean Associates
Aegean Associates, Inc. was founded by Demitrios Vassaras in 1990, leveraging years of success in the industrial automation and process control industries. The Aegean Associates team is comprised of embedded systems and implementation experts with degrees that include electrical engineering from MIT and Carnegie Mellon University. Aegean helps its clients develop computer-based products and has successfully deployed hardware and software solutions worldwide in factory automation, instrumentation, and data gathering.


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