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For Release February 4, 2000

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Trina Clickner
Palmtop Publishing
Tel: (206) 923-0901
Fax: (206) 923-0902

Express Your Love With A Personalized, Palm OS Pocketgram Valentine Greeting Card - Say It In A Whole New Dimension

Innovative Pocketgram.com Website Delivers Personalized Pocket Greeting Cards To Palm OS(TM) Users - Sync It, Share It, Post It, E-mail It, Beam It Over Dinner And Say Be Mine


SEATTLE, WA, February 4, 2000 - Impress your Valentine big time this year by creating a personalized Pocketgram(TM) greeting card for their 3Com (NASDAQ: COMS) Palm OS connected organizer. Select a cover illustration, craft your custom message, and enter the lucky recipient's e-mail address - your personalized Pocketgram greeting is e-mailed directly or presented for you to download and deliver yourself with a simple infrared beam.

"Pocketgram Valentines are engaging and whimsical and they have your very own message inside", exclaims software publisher Trina Clickner, Founder of Palmtop Publishing. "Pocketgrams put your personalized, long-lasting love note directly into your Valentine's handheld - your message endures and goes with them at all times."

While developing applications for handhelds is not for the faint of heart, the innovative Pocketgram.com website service lets anyone create their own, customized application as a personalized gift. In less than a minute, with internet access, a little imagination, and the ability to complete a simple web-based form, you've got a Pocketgram Valentine - exceptional results with no programming experience!

Pocketgrams are for people who want to differentiate themselves in a whole new dimension. While Pocketgram Valentines are for wish lists, marriage proposals, and mantras, customized Pocketgrams extend any business message effortlessly into the pocket using any kind of wired or wireless connection. The pocketgram.com website offers examples of successful, public Pocketgrams including Pocketgrams for the Super Bowl, Macworld and CeBIT trade shows, and customizable Pocketgrams for real estate advertising novelties, free website trinkets, information-rich giveaways, and creative, executive gifts.

Pocketgrams are powered by award-winning OnTap(TM) Technology from Aegean Associates, Inc. "The beamable Pocketgram extends our trade show solution suite", exclaims Demitrios Vassaras, President of Aegean Associates, Inc. "We've refined our technology over the past four years and you will see several leading companies offer powered by OnTap Technology solutions in the near future." OnTap Technology is the leading enterprise solution that enables interactive trade show guides, as featured in Adam's Business Media's Technology Meetings Magazine. OnTap also powers the pocketportfolio.com website for portable quarterly and annual financial reports, as well as the pocketchef.com RecipeMaker website.

Pocketgram Valentines bring a fun, new use to handheld computing by offering personalized, beamable, synchable, e-mailable greeting cards for all versions of the Palm OS. Anyone can create a customized Pocketgram Valentine using an Apple® (NASDAQ: APPL) Macintosh®, a Windows® desktop system, or unix and mainframe computers. Customized Pocketgrams for business start at just $1750 and are available from Palmtop Publishing at 206-923-0901.

About Palmtop Publishing
Palmtop Publishing is a privately held software firm specializing in solutions for handheld computing and embedded systems including the Palm OS and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows CE. Based in Seattle, WA and established in 1997, Palmtop Publishing can be reached by tel: (206) 923-0901, fax: (206) 923-0902, e-mail: sales@palmtoppublishing.com, and via the Palmtop Publishing website at www.palmtoppublishing.com.

About Aegean Associates, Inc.
Aegean Associates, Inc., founded in 1990, is celebrating 10 years of excellence in delivering custom software with a broad base of successful products that are deployed internationally. Solutions include factory automation, instrumentation, and data collection and gathering for embedded hardware and software systems. Aegean can be reached by sending e-mail to sales@aegean.com or by calling 412-361-6980.


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