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For Release January 4, 2000

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Trina Clickner
Palmtop Publishing
Tel: (206) 923-0901
Fax: (206) 923-0902

MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco 2000 Pocket Treasure Map and Show Guide - Discover Conference Essentials And Hidden Show Secrets With Macworld Squares on Your Palm OS Handheld

This innovative pocket show guide arms Macworld attendees with an in-hand, quick reference to exhibitors, booths, agendas, speaker bios, conference tracks, and hotels plus a delightful Macworld Squares discovery trivia game and a bonus handheld solutions catalog


SEATTLE, WA, January 4, 2000 - Palmtop Publishing and Aegean Associates, Inc. today introduced the final show edition of the created with an Apple Computer (Nasdaq: APPL) Macintosh®, AppleWorks®, and FileMaker® MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco 2000 Pocket Show Guide for 3Com's (Nasdaq: COMS) Palm OS(TM). It is filled with show-going essentials, entertaining discoveries, media center information, and special offers to help you make most of MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco 2000, January 4 - 8 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

This information-rich MACWORLD show guide and expo treasure map is free to all show attendees and runs on all versions of the Palm OS. Putting any bit of show, exhibitor, and conference information you'll need just a few taps away, this innovative guide is fun, informative, a cinch to use, and easily downloadble from www.palmtoppublishing.com/macworld or simply by sending e-mail to reply-with-macworld@palmtoppublishing.com.

"Each of our show guides is individually handcrafted and each takes on its own, unique personality", exclaims Trina Clickner, Founder of Palmtop Publishing and creator of the Macworld pocket show guide. Palmtop Publishing's interactive, multi-language guides have become traditions for shows such as Macworld, Europe's CeBIT and NY's PC Expo, and were recently featured in Adam's Business Media's "Technology Meetings" magazine. The MACWORLD Expo/San Francisco 2000 guide features DataViz on the cover screen, Handspring(TM) partners inside, and includes an entertaining and informative Macworld Squares discovery game. "Tapping on a company logo, product name, or whimsical graphic reveals the hidden message that's tucked in behind the square. AOL (NYSE: AOL) has provided access numbers for local San Francisco dial-in access and thanks to IDG, you'll discover some Macworld trivia inside too!"

On the desktop, the MACWORLD Expo guide was created exclusively with Macintosh-based products - a Macintosh 7300, AppleWorks®, FileMaker® and Eudora® mail. On the handheld, the guide is powered by OnTap® Technology, a revolutionary, platform-independent, pocket publishing technology that Clickner has pioneered since 1995 in collaboration with the expert embedded systems development team of Aegean Associates, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. OnTap Technology has been recognized by Palm Computing as a powerful enterprise solution since 1997.

About Palmtop Publishing
Palmtop Publishing is a software innovator specializing in high-end solutions for handheld computing and embedded systems including the Palm OS and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows CE. Based in Seattle, WA and established in 1997, recent software titles include Pocket Chef(TM) - the Culinary Companion(TM), The Turkish Children's Project Relief Kit, Interactive Pocket Essentials, and Pocketportfolio.com. Palmtop Publishing can be reached by tel: (206) 923-0901, fax: (206) 923-0902, e-mail: sales@palmtoppublishing.com, and via the Palmtop Publishing web site at www.palmtoppublishing.com.

About OnTap Technology
Award-winning OnTap Technology has been recognized by Palm Computing as an enterprise solution since 1997 and was heralded by Computer Reseller News as a "can't live without applications for resellers" at PC Expo 1998 . OnTap runs on all versions of the Palm OS including the Handspring Visor, the Qualcomm (Nasdaq: QCOM) pdQ(TM), the IBM® (NYSE: IBM) WorkPad® PC Companion, Franklin Planner Edition by Franklin Covey Company (NYSE: FC), and Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL) handhelds. OnTap Technology is used worldwide in custom solutions and is also incorporated into the E*TRADE (Nasdaq: EGRP) TeleMaster Guide and leading retail products from Viacom's (NYSE: VIA) Macmillan Digital Publishing and IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. (Nasdaq: IDGB). For more information, visit www.ontaptech.com or send e-mail to info@ontaptech.com.

About Aegean Associates, Inc.
Aegean Associates, Inc., www.aegean.com, was founded in 1990 and is a custom software provider with a broad base of successful projects that are deployed internationally. Solutions include factory automation, instrumentation, and data collection and gathering for embedded hardware and software systems. Contact Aegean Associates at e-mail to sales@aegean.com or by calling (412) 361-6980.


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