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New World Technologies, Inc. Announces Interactive Pocket Edition of the Celebrated BRAVEpalm Catalog for the Palm Computing® Platform

Pilot, PalmPilot(TM), Palm III(TM), and IBM® WorkPad® users can now carry a free, interactive catalog filled with key information on a wealth of handheld computing solutions from New World Technologies right in the palm of their hand.


NEW YORK, NY, October 13, 1998 - New World Technologies, Inc. (NWT), the largest specialized handheld distributor in the USA, today announces their first, interactive pocket catalog for the Palm Computing platform.

This first, interactive, pocket publication provides Palm OS(TM)-based organizer users with the complete New World Technologies BRAVEpalm lifestyle catalog in a break-through new, interactive, electronic format that is installed onto the handheld itself. Offering the BRAVEpalm catalog in Palm OS format allows New World Technologies to extend the reach of their printed catalog, allowing for more frequent updates and for broad, cost-effective electronic distribution via e-mail and the Internet.

"With this technology we provide our customers with a weightless and sizeless catalog," said Jonathan Glaser CEO, New World Technologies, Inc. "Customers can browse New World's extensive range of Palm products and accessories anywhere, anytime. Imagine boarding the plane for your next business trip, realizing you've forgotten your HotSync cable, then referencing your Palm III for all information needed to order a new one."

The BRAVEpalm pocket catalog was produced by Palmtop Publishing using OnTap(TM) Technology from Aegean Associates, Inc. It provides Palm OS users with immediate, interactive in-hand access to a complete line of add-on software, hardware, and accessories, as well as ordering information.

The pocket edition of the BRAVEpalm catalog is available for free downloading from the New World Technologies web site www.nwt.com. You can also have a copy of the pocket catalog delivered immediately to you via e-mail by sending e-mail to reply-with-bravepalmcatalog@palmtoppublishing.com.

About New World Technologies, Inc. New World Technologies, Inc. (NWT) founded in 1990 as a distributor of Psion handheld computers, has emerged as the largest specialized handheld distributor in the USA. In July 1998 NWT launched a division dedicated to the sale of 3Com's range of Palm Computing platform products. Building on their proven and successful business model, NWT provides a total Palm Computing Platform resource via the BRAVEpalm lifestyle catalog, a comprehensive web site, telemarketing staff, and corporate integration specialists. Related URL: www.nwt.com.

About Palmtop Publishing Palmtop Publishing, founded in 1997, provides pocket publishing, customization, and consulting services for handheld computing solutions. Palmtop Publishing works with corporations, publishers, developers, and systems integrators to create new information-based products or to incorporate handhelds as part of a broader, established communications and computing solution. Palmtop Publishing can be reached at 206.923.0901; fax at 206.923.0902; e-mail to info@palmtoppublishing.com; or through the Palmtop Publishing web site at www.palmtoppublishing.com.


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