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Contact Information

Sales and Online Registration

Please send email to sales@ontaptech.com.

Technical Support

Please send email to support@ontaptech.com.

OnTap Translation Server

Access via the web: www.ontaptech.com
Access via email: pilot-server@ontaptech.com, pilot-server@ontaptech.com

OnTap Demonstration

Full Demo: reply-with-demo@ontaptech.com
Affinity Guide: reply-with-guide@palmtoppublishing.com
Brave Catalog: reply-with-bravepalmcatalog@palmtoppublishing

Registration and Sales Administration

Attn: OnTap Technology
Aegean Associates, Inc.
PO Box 25363
Rochester, NY 14625 USA
Tel/Fax: (716) 387-9864

Consulting, Customization, and Licensing

Trina Clickner
Palmtop Publishing
Tel: (206) 923-0901

Demitrios Vassaras
Aegean Associates, Inc.
Tel: (412) 361-6980

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